The TEAPing Point

Explorations in EAP


Plenary Speaker

‘Teaching EAP: Enabling Academic Participation’. E-merging Forum, Moscow. British Council Russia. 12 March 2015. Invited plenary speaker. [full talk

‘Lost and Found in Translation: innovating and the EAP practitioner’. Innovation in EAP: the key to the future. St Andrews University. 1 March 2014. Invited plenary speaker.

Invited Speaker

‘From Context to Classroom in EAP Pedagogy’. Centre for Languages & International Education, University College London. 6 November 2014.

‘Can EAP be Good for your ELF? Towards a ‘European Resolution”. EULEAP Conference. Humboldt University, Berlin. 4 May 2013.

‘EAP Opportunities in Academic Reading: some thoughts for teachers’. Staff development workshop. University of Bath. 21 February 2013. [Slides]

‘Revisiting the A in EAP’. Staff development workshop. University of Leeds. 14 Oct 2011.

‘Observation Practice for EAP’. Staff development workshop. Newcastle University. 12 Novermber 2010.

‘Motivated Meaning, Motivated Learners’. Staff development workshop. Newcastle University. 14 July 2010.

‘Observation Criteria for EAP’BALEAP Professional Development Day, London South Bank Univ. With Dr J. King (Imperial). 22 May 2010.

‘From Process Writing to Process Marking’. Staff development workshop. Nottingham University. 04 Mar 2010.

‘Grammar Revision and Re-Vision: perceptions, problems & possibilities’. Invited speaker, School of Modern Languages & Cultures, Durham University. 17 Dec 2008.

Conference Papers

Upcoming: ‘Waving across Fields of Practice: three tales of LCT(Semantics)’. Legitimation Code Theory Colloquium, University of Cape Town, South Africa. 18-19 June 2015

‘Teaching Reflective Writing: learning to weave and wave’. Biennial BALEAP Conference. Leicester University, 19 April 2015.

On the Purposes in EAP. Symposium, Biennial BALEAP Conference. Leicester University, 18 April 2015. With A. Ding, J. King and S. Cowley-Haselden.

‘Consulting the OrAcLe: a tool for EAP teaching planning and practice’. BALEAP PIM, Sheffield Hallam University. 29 November 2014.

‘Walking the Talk: refining notions of TTT for EAP’. Biennial BALEAP Conference. Nottingham University. 20 April 2013. [Slides]

‘Competently Brought to Life’. Biennial BALEAP Conference. Nottingham University. With C. Macdiarmid, A. Pallant and L. Rogers. 20 April 2013. [Slides]

‘Plausibility, Power & Progress: enhancing student language learning through professional collaboration’. With C. Macallister. AULC National Conference. Durham University. 9 January 2013. [Slides]

‘From TEFL to TEAP, Starting with A (for Academic)’. With L. Greener. IATEFL Glasgow. 23 Mar 2012. [Abstract]

‘Seeing Through New Eyes: observation practice for EAP’. Biennial BALEAP Conference. Portsmouth University. With Dr J. King (Imperial). 11 Apr 2011.

‘Scaffolding EAP Teacher Development: towards an integrated view of curriculum’. IATEFL ESP/EAP SIG Event. Bilkent Univ., Ankara, Turkey. 18 Jun 2010.

‘Motivated Meaning, Motivated Learners’. BALEAP PIM, Newcastle University. 27 Feb 2010

‘Enquiry-Based Learning for EAP’. LLAS Workshop-to-go: Enquiry-Based Learning in Language Teaching. Durham University. 26 Jun 2009.

‘(Under)standing on Their Own Two Feet: scaffolding for EAP’. IATEFL Harrogate. 11 Apr 2006.

‘Rethinking Notions of Learner Autonomy for East Asian Students of EAP’. BALEAP PIM, University of Winchester. 25 Feb 2006.


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